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  • Finding Joy in a World That Betrays Us

    I was putting on my mascara this morning and I couldn’t see my eyelashes. I’ve been struggling with this for a while now….not being able to see. I finally picked up some reading glasses at the grocery store, but I tried, and you can’t wear your glasses and put on mascara. So I dug out… Read More
  • The Age of Distraction

    The 18th Century was known as the Agricultural Age; the 19th Century as the Industrial Age and the 20th Century as the Information Age. What will the 21st Century be known as? There’s some debate about it being called the Conceptual Age or The Age of Ideas; but I feel like it’s the “Age of… Read More
  • Slowing Down – Part Two

    An investment in the future of our community…building a legacy…creating awareness of our programs and our needs…the chance to love imperfect people is just another chance to perfect His love in each of us…I’ve said these things to organizations, to churches that ask me to speak, and to individuals who ask about what we do… Read More
  • Slowing Down – Part One

    I walk too quickly through the lobby and stop briefly to lay my hand on her 80 something old shoulder and before I could say, “how are you doing today?” she had grabbed my hand and with her weathered and lined eyes she blinked back tears and barely audible, she said, “that feels so good.”… Read More
  • In Survival Mode

    I don’t remember where I heard the story or what it was that woke me up in the middle of the night and made me sit straight up in bed so abruptly that my husband asked me what was wrong. I whisper, “I know what kind of leader I am.” He’s barely awake and mumbles… Read More
  • Fish and Loaves

    It was our first Saturday to be open for Food Assistance. We hadn’t even advertised it yet. I heard the front door open and came out of my office. She was standing there alone. I asked her if I could help her with something. She said, “I don’t know, but someone told me to come… Read More
  • New Site!

    So you may have noticed… WE HAVE A NEW WEBSITE! We are so excited to share it with you as it’s going to help keep you updated with the latest events and info from Your Harvest House. Click around, check it out, and if you have any questions, or better yet, if you see an… Read More

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