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Client Documentation Required

For Financial Assistance                             


One government issued picture ID (All adults in household)     

•Drivers License/State ID


•Mexican ID



Minors under the age of 18

•Birth certificate indicating you as parent.

•If not the parent than custody documentation must also be provided 

Proof of Residence (All adults in household)

•Utility Bill (water, gas, electric)

•If you currently live with someone and do not receive a bill in your name, a piece

of verifiable mail addressed to you will


Proof of Income (All adults in household)

•6o days of income (employment, self employeed, government benefits, tax return etc.) 

•Government award letter (SSI, SSD, Medicaid, Child Support, Food stamps, TANF)

•If no income, document showing how you support yourself (cash app, venmo, zelle, proof of family support, etc.)


Bill requesting assistance with

•If seeking assistance on rent, letter from landlord showing past due amount as 

well as complete lease or rental agreement. If there is someone on the lease who no longer 

with you, a letter from the landlord confirming the person has moved out. 

•Utility bill needs to be detailed notice showing breakdown of past due amounts/current charge

•Denied assistance from Harvest House in the last 90 days


Documentation Supporting Need for Assistance (only if applies to your situation)

•Medical Records/Proof of family crisis/Loss of job

•If COVID related – you must provide a diagnosis from a doctor or healthcare provider


Additional Documents Needed (only if applies to you)

•Proof of application for Disability and/or Denial

•Proof of application for Unemployment and/or Denial

•Government housing voucher/statement indicating assistance amount for rent & utilities



Revised July 2022                                         Your Harvest House (817)-295-6252

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