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& Video Testimonies Below...

"Harvest House has always been here for us. Food and clothing for school has been such a blessing. The clothing is very nice. I am a single mom with 3 boys. They go through a lot of clothing and grow quickly. The clothing store has really helped."

"I am raising 4 of my grand-kids alone. Times are very hard. My husband had brain surgery and was out of work. Harvest House helped pay our electric bill when it would have been disconnected. We were filled with panic and so overwhelmed. The prayer we received from our adviser, made it all melt away. The help with food and clothing has also blessed our family so much. Harvest House has always been here for us. They seem way busier now, but still care and take time with us."

"I don't have money for the extra costs of groceries and clothing. Harvest House has really helped with these extra expenses and to get us back on our feet"

November 2019

"Harvest House thank you so much for the Thanksgiving dinner. It was GREAT. I will be able to make several meals from it. Everything was SO GOOD!" 
-Sandra B

"Harvest House is a blessing to me and my family and it would be very difficult without your help."
-Larry D

November 2019

How would it affect your family if Harvest House was not here to help? "We would go hungry" -Barry G

"It's a very loving & caring place." 
-Leticia R

"Y'all have been such a blessing in our time of need."
-Jordan G

"It has simply been a blessing."

October 2019

"Harvest House has helped us be able to stay afloat. For us to be able to stretch our resources in order to make it. The prayers have also been a blessing & helped me to remember God is in charge, & will take care of us."
-Ericka R

"Helpful resource, I would be without water without Harvest House."
-Mandy C

October 2019

"I can't put into words how much I have been helped by Harvest House at Christmas time and throughout the year. You have blessed many people with the presence of God. It is a sweet and peaceful place."
-Barbara W

"They helped me get into my own home again."
-Sara C