Our Mission:  The Harvest House provides basic necessities, spiritual encouragement, education, and care to individuals and families in our community by following Biblical principles. 


Our Vision:   To help families break the cycle of hopelessness by providing resources that assist in restoring their dignity and independence.


Our Values:   Harvest House will implement its mission and vision by sharing the love of Christ through service and spreading the gospel; by maintaining integrity and transparency in service and business matters and will function as a team player with other organizations in the community who seek to help those in need of nutritional, financial, or spiritual restoration.

Statement Regarding Racism:   We, the Board of Directors, Leaders and staff of Your Harvest House are united in our understanding that racism, prejudice, and racial discrimination in all forms are sinful and are in direct opposition to the teachings of Jesus. Such things as these should not be overlooked or tolerated within our communities. 
We stand together in this public declaration that racism, prejudice, and racial discrimination, whether explicit or implicit, are incompatible with the command of our Lord Jesus to "love your neighbor as yourself (Matthew 22:39)."

Therefore, we accept our sacred responsibility before God to address racism, prejudice, and racial discrimination within our organization and hereby resolve to personally model Christ-like love toward all people, confront racial discrimination wherever we observe it, and bring God's Word to bear upon such sinfulness through our acts of service.

We affirm each member of our community regardless of race or ethnicity and welcome each to our community as neighbors. We pledge to do our part in making sure our community is one of inclusion and hospitality to all.

Driven by our faith in the Lord Jesus, we implore each and every member of our communities to stand with us in our determination to stand against the sins of racism, prejudice, and racial discrimination and to embrace the challenge of the Prophet Micah, "to act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God (Micah 6:8)."